FakeTaxi Young teen wants second helpings

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Описание: I was having a good day so far in the taxi then I picked up my next customer she was a sweet girl and I thought maybe this will be the one who's up for a quick shag. But as we were driving along she asked me to pull over and she wanted to get out, she seemed very flustered and I asked what the problem was she then told me that she had been in the taxi before and I fucked her brains out in the back of the cab. I couldn't help but laugh especially as she wanted to get out because she enjoyed it so much but didn't want it to happen again as she would feel like a slut. I said there is nothing wrong with doing things you enjoy, and I kept her talking until I found a quiet spot to pull over. She had a big grin on her face and she knew it was time to get her knickers off and suck my cock.
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