Das Sex-Abitur (1978)

Длительность: 91мин 31сек Просмотров: 7 014 Добавлено: 2 года назад
Описание: Anne Blume’s Abitur (British equivalent: A-level exam) is coming up. She’s doing fine in most subjects, except that she sucks in French. Her bored housewife mum Eva is a dead ringer for her daughter, and she speaks French fluently – so the two swap places for the French classes. That swap stays in place for the subsequent homework class with Anne’s friends, but Eva had not quite anticipated that was merely meant to be a shagfest. Well, she’s up for it though did not quite realise that normal procedure would only expect her to copulate with Klaus, Anne’s boyfriend, and not with Sven as well. That encourages Klaus to try out Sven’s girlfriend Petra, and later, for good measure, the school’s cleaning woman. Back in school, horny Eva also seduces the French teacher, and in the end the lot of them celebrate the successful exam with a big orgy – when unfortunately husband Heinz returns home early, and even more unfortunately with the headmaster as his special guest. Director: Jürgen Enz (Kenneth Howard) Stars: Christa Abel, Alfred Acktun, Johanna Ebertseder, Irene Falke, Ginny Noack, Christoph Paulik, Mario Pollak, Claus Sasse, Horst Sieger, Stefan Wiesehöfer
Спонсор: XVideos