Женщины на мужчин / Femmes A Hommes (1976)

Длительность: 85мин 26сек Просмотров: 2 777 Добавлено: 6 месяцев назад
Описание: François and Joelle are lovers, and take great pleasure in their sexual embraces. But François is a cameraman that puts his work at a higher priority. One night, when they are interrupted by a phone call from his work, and leaves in a hurry with his camera and three shirts, Joelle can't wait all those shirts to be dirty before she is sexually satiated. Therefore, she goes out searching, and finding, a number of liaisons with men and women alike. On one of her outings, she happens to see François having an affair with a man. It seems that she doesn't reject the idea of joining with him again - in a menage-a-trois. Jean-Claude Roy (as Patrick Aubin), Hélène Chevalier, Serge Casado, Jack Gatteau, Chantal Fourquet, porno, retro, classic, vintaj, group, sex, hardcore, lesbianism, lesbian sex, female nudity, infidelity, gay, lesbian, adult, adventure, romance, Alpha France, F.F.C.M., Tanagra Productions, France, french