Непослушная Никки / Naughty Nikki (2005)

Длительность: 80мин 00сек Просмотров: 1 850 Добавлено: 1 месяц назад
Описание: Nikki is hosting an on-line role-playing game and shes inviting all her friends to join in on the adventures. They all become immersed in this computerized fantasy game, Nikkis home office becomes steaming hot with passion as they act out some of their sexy roles. But the gaming gets more intense when an amateur challenges them to go to the next level. A hot-and-heavy online role-playing game becomes an obsessive pastime for Nikki and her friends in this steamy tale. Nikki is hosting the game from her bedroom, which becomes the site for many a heated encounter, but when an amateur challenges the group to up the ante, the passion cannot be contained by the computer screen. Francis Locke (as Shylow Turner), Dino Bravo, Billy Chappell, Yanni Kratsas, Monica Mayhem, Nicole Oring, Ananda St. James
Актеры: Келли Трамп