Самые горячие булочки и лучшие ножки / Hottest Buns And Best Legs (2006)

Длительность: 58мин 55сек Просмотров: 1 440 Добавлено: 2 недели назад
Описание: It’s a fact that some men are breast men, while others love a ripped, toned stomach, or perhaps even a glistening pearly white smile. But for those everyday guys who classify themselves as butt men or legs lovers, then this special edition DVD from Mystique Magazine is heaven on earth for you. We’ve gotten to the bottom of it all and reviewed the long and short to bring you 19 different incredible Mystique women who have. that perfect rear end. And top of that, we’ve added a bevy of models with long, titillating sexy legs. It just doesn’t get any better than this! All the curves are in the right places in this special edition DVD crammed with incredible beauties, deliciously hot buns, and a parade of legs that you can’t miss! Image Entertainment Inc, Mystique, Sunny Leone,Kyla Cole,Echo, Diana, Natalie, Kalin, Cherie, Felicia, Katia, Lisa Marie, Linda, Jennifer, Jasmine, Shamron, Misty, Linda, Tailor, Danielle, Shannon Shamron, Natalie