Интрига любви / Intrigo d'amore (1988)

Длительность: 89мин 00сек Просмотров: 911 Добавлено: 1 неделю назад
Описание: Billy – a young photographer, engaged spicy photo calls. Its main clients – women who want to revive the feelings and desires to their husbands. Three friends are asked to take pictures of them: First – Janet, the wife of a policeman, the second – Lauren, the wife of a banker, and the third – Evelyn is married to a lawyer. At the time of Billy seduces the three women and one begins to blackmail them. Photographer Janet asks her husband to investigate. As a result, the blackmailers are, but the husband kills her, Evelyn and Billy. Mario Gariazzo (as Roy Garret), Milly D'Abbraccio, Valentine Demy, Gino Concari, undressing, lesbian, voyeurism, spying, sex, nude model, lesbianism, lesbian sex, female rear nudity, female nudity, female frontal nudity, erotica, bare breasts, independent film, Italy, english, erotica