Heiße Feigen (1978)

Длительность: 71мин 42сек Просмотров: 2 138 Добавлено: 1 год назад
Описание: Anne Anderson is taken to visit friends by her boyfriend. She is shocked to find what appears to be a wife-swapping party going on involving Angelika Reschner, XNK0698 and their respective partenrs. However, she goes for a ride in her boyfriends Mercedes and they stop in the woods to have sex. Then they have an argument and her boyfriend leaves her there. She runs off and is taken into Jane Iwanoff's cottage. Jane and her man teach her the ways of men (and women) - and threesomes. Next day Anne and Sylvia bump into Jane Iwanoff and they go back to anne's place to try on clothes. thsi turns into a lesbian threesome. Anne breaks off to phone her boyfriend and he comes round and they are reconciled - visibly. As well as the sex action, this is also good for sexy 70s nostalgia with blouses being worn as mini-dresses, etc. Director: Enrico Calvi Stars: Anne Magle, Bernd Böhm, Dominique, Johanna Ebertseder, Sylvia Engelmann, Karin Hofmann, Jane Iwanoff, Wolfgang Jung, Hans Kern, Franjo Marincic, Angelika Reschner
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